Trump Aside, Support for Immigrants and Immigration Will Resonate Beyond November


WASHINGTON, D.C. — No matter Donald Trump’s rhetoric, Americans as a whole value immigrants and immigration and see opportunity in constructive immigration reform.

The Forum’s newest polling summary, posted Wednesday, finds strong, longstanding support for immigrants and immigration reform — despite the heated rhetoric of election season.

And according to the Public Religion Research Institute’s most recent American Values Atlas, 62 percent of Americans said undocumented immigrants should have a way to earn citizenship, provided they meet certain requirements. Another 19 percent said they should be able to earn permanent legal status, while only 19 percent favored deportation.

Results were similar in a Fox News poll released Wednesday: 77 percent favored legalization, while 19 percent favored “deporting as many as possible.”

According the American Values Atlas, half of Americans believe “immigrants strengthen American society,” vs. 34 percent who saw immigrants as a threat to American values.

“Last night, Donald Trump presented immigration ‘policy’ that sounded like all-enforcement, all the time. At what cost to our values and our economy?” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum Action Fund.

“Americans know immigrants and immigration benefit our nation — past, present and future. All of us thrive when new Americans have the opportunities, skills and status to help us reach our fullest potential.

“We need a new legal immigration process to make that happen, not demonization that inspires hate. We need serious policy proposals from candidates and eventually from Congress. After the election, local leaders will need to come together and force Republicans and Democrats in Congress to lead.”



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