Trump Proposals Fail American Values


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a speech this afternoon, Donald Trump once again appealed to fear as the foundation for his foreign policy agenda and failed to distinguish immigration policy from national security policy.

Trump’s immigration-related proposals included suspending immigration from regions with “a history of exporting terrorism” until the U.S. can improve vetting processes, as well as a values test for would-be immigrants.

The U.S. has an extensive vetting process for refugees and other immigrants, and Trump has not disavowed targeting majority-Muslim countries for the suspension he proposes. And an ideological test smacks of the Red Scare and would be a slippery slope.

Such proposals join mass deportation as a costly affront to American values of freedom and opportunity, and they are not the immigration proposals conservatives are looking for.

“Donald Trump fails our American values when he talks about suspending immigration from certain countries and instituting tests,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum Action Fund. “In reality, these proposals would hurt trade and tourism, offend allies and break existing diplomatic agreements.

“Where would a President Trump draw the line? Would someone who disagrees with his policies be considered an opponent of the American values he espouses?

“This message of division and fear is not the Republican way, it’s not the conservative way, and it’s not the American way.”



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